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Explore Your Talents, Define Your Values, Discover Your Passion

Maybe you’re yearning for change. Or maybe you had to leave your previous job unexpectedly. Regardless of how you got here, you need a reliable way to rediscover your gifts and clarify your opportunities. The ELEVATIONS online assessment tool can help strategically inform your path to a new career.
ELEVATIONS helps you to better understand:
What’s Working?

Your strengths, work style, values and skills influence everything you do. ELEVATIONS synthesizes each of these aspects into a single, focused report that helps you recognize how and where to apply your strengths most effectively.

What’s Not Working?

You might feel displaced or disillusioned. One of the most powerful ways to overcoming that mindset is to become more certain of where your greatest potential lies.

What’s Missing?

There are so many possibilities out in the world—and so many obstacles—it’s easy to feel paralyzed by indecision. Our ELEVATIONS online assessment can help you regroup and gain the focus you need to prioritize your next best step.


Navigate Career Transition with Confidence

Discovery Unleashed

ELEVATIONS online assessment synthesizes your skills, preferences and values into a roadmap you can revise and revisit as often as needed over the next year.

Decisions Prioritized

You’ve probably changed a bit since you landed your first job. ELEVATIONS helps reveal how your interests and needs have evolved over time and offers tools to help prioritize life decisions.

Talents Explored

You are ready to reinvent yourself and flex your talents in a new setting. ELEVATIONS can reenergize momentum, sharpen your focus and give you and your career coach a shared starting point.

Smart Investment

Sustaining momentum over the course of your career is largely up to you. Your ELEVATIONS report helps you capture preferences and visualize the possibilities over the long-term.


Are you ready for a tool that eases your transition to a more fulfilling career?

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Allison Bailey
Career Changer

"ELEVATIONS means so much to me. I have learned so much about my personality and what works and doesn’t work in my life. It has been wonderful, reaffirming experience filled with “Aha!” moments.

ELEVATIONS brought to light parts of my personality and personal values that I didn’t regard as important or even quite understand. I saw them as minor gifts or even quirks. I have since learned that to be a content and productive employee and a happy spouse and mother that I must include these personality traits and values in my life’s work.

Thank you for designing such a wonderful tool. It has given me the information/data to define and support what my gut been trying to say and make better decisions."